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My name is Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette and I am a Military Artist and a Historian.

In 1994 I started a series of Famous American Aviators which honored our pilots from the Second World War. I am proud in that I now have over thirty-five pilots in my series which includes the Tuskegee Airmen and the Women pilots of the war, the WASP.

My Limited Edition Prints feature the artwork of the aircraft that the pilot flew along with a short story of how the pilot became famous in the aircraft. Each print is personally autographed in pencil by both the Artist and by the Aviator.

I also have many original paintings available. Most of my aviation paintings are two by four feet in size. My artworks are nice and large. Each painting has been autographed by one or more of the famous pilots I have worked with.

I specialize in personal commissions. If you want an antique automobile for your man’s room or a red corvette over your bar or your fireplace let me know. I can do that! I can paint you a reclining nude for over the bar. I can do that too! I also love Sports art! Here is a painting of Mark Brunel that I had him autograph for me. I can have him sign a painting for you as well.

How about the Baseball players on the new Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp? Let’s go and watch some of their games. I will paint you a painting of the team playing and then we will get it autographed for you. We can do this with the Jacksonville Sharks and the Jaguars. We can watch the team’s practice and then show the players the art. They will gladly autograph it for you. The season starts SOON! Are you interested? I love art. Don’t you?


It is fun to commission a piece of art for your home or office. My artworks are large and vivid. They capture the eyes of everyone in the room. Do you like sailing ships? I can have a three by four foot painting of your favorite sailing ship over your couch in a couple of weeks. I can do a fire truck. I can do better! If you give me color samples of your room and furniture I can match the colors for you. Now TOP THAT!

Myself, I am a retired Commercial Real Estate specialist who worked in shopping centers, apartments, office leasing and investments. I personally brokered over 2,500 front feet on Blanding Boulevard from Kingsley Avenue all the way down to State Road 218 in Middleburg. These properties were all developed into shopping centers, gas stations and restaurants. Please forgive me for all of the traffic congestion that I have caused. It just so happens that I am also an artist. Believe me I do love this job a lot better.

One thing I enjoy is publishing artwork for fund raisers. If you have an idea for a fund raiser/non-profit I will gladly help with your endeavors. I am a marketing expert so I may already have some ideas you may be interested in.

I would also like to add that I have been a member of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce on and off for over twenty five years spending many hundreds of hours volunteering with MANY events.

Collectively I have published 85 different prints. Seventy-five of my prints have been autographed by famous aviators. Five of my prints are of famous warships. I have worked with over one hundred aviators from around the world including all American military services, the British, Canadian, French, German, Italian, and Japanese aviators.

I am at your service;

Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette

Sir Hamilton